The Beaujolais Run® attracts the generous support of global brands, luxury press and prestige motoring manufacturers.

Celebrating the last ten years

What has The Beaujolais Run® achieved since the new formula of this 42 year old world-famous event was announced in 2006? A selection of highlights...
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The Beaujolais Run® maintains an unrivalled ethos, ensuring 100% of entrants’ sponsor monies support worthwhile charitable causes.
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The Beaujolais Run® was the first event to be given permission by Lord March to use the world-famous Goodwood Hill Climb.
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The Beaujolais Run® closed Galeries Lafayette in Paris to host a private dinner on the top floor.
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The Beaujolais Run® regularly has exclusive use of Dijon-Prenois motor circuit.
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The Ritz, London, waived their dress code for the first time ever when the 'Run returned the first bottle of Beaujolais by road in 2009.
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The Beaujolais Run® has raised in excess of 650,000 GBP since its 2006 re-launch.
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The Beaujolais Run® continues to deliver unique experiences throughout its ever-changing programme.
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The Beaujolais Run® hosted an Ambassador’s Reception at The British Embassy in Paris.
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During the event, The Beaujolais Run® paid its respects at Tyne Cott cemetery to those fallen in WW1 with The Coldstream guards.

Famous faces who have taken part in The Beaujolais Run®, include John Surtees OBE, Mike Brewer, Baron Guillaume de Curières de Castelnau, Sir Terence Conran, Jeremy Hackett, Neil and Christine Hamilton, Damon Hill OBE, Eddie Jordan (and his band), Henri Le Conte, Des Lynam OBE, Nigel Mansell CBE, Earl of March and Kinrara, Sir Stirling Moss, Tiff Needell, Jonathan Palmer, Anthony Reid, Norman Dewis, Steve Berry, Robert Reid, David Richards CBE, David Brabham, the Tattinger family and Darren Turner.

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The Beaujolais Run® became the first event to start from the world-famous Top Gear test track.
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The Beaujolais Run® has welcomed participating teams from the UK, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Gibraltar and the US.
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The Beaujolais Run® reunited Norman Dewis, one of the legends of the British motoring industry, with his favourite car of all time; 774 RW, the evocative and beautifully restored D-type of Britain’s first World Champion, Mike Hawthorn.
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The Beaujolais Run® took its patron John Surtees OBE to the Reims-Gueux motor circuit; 44 years after he first drove for Cooper Maserati, having left Ferrari and as leader of the World Championship.
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Please note that The Beaujolais Run® is a trademarked event in name, logo and event format. We are not an events company, we are reliant and grateful for the generosity of the press and our partners to ensure this great Anglo-French tradition continues and we raise significant monies for charity.
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