The Henry Surtees Foundation

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Set up in tribute to the late Henry Surtees, the Foundation provides a mechanism to independently administer, report and audit, the proceeds of the ‘Run without deduction of costs. The The Beaujolais Run® carefully selects charitable causes based upon their stringent, efficient, practices; ensuring real and measurable impact.

Henry Surtees

Henry Surtees had been participating in motorsport since the age of 8 when he began karting. His career in Comer Cadet, Formula Junior Rotax, Formula Junior Gearbox, Ginetta, Formula BMW and Formula Renault brought him race wins in every category and some championships. He was widely tipped as a star of the future. He was tragically killed driving in the new Formula 2 class at Brands Hatch in a totally freak accident, where he was hit by a wheel off of another competitor's car, in July 2009 aged 18. He had been a strong competitor for top honours and was the fastest British driver in the category, and the previous day had finished third in a closely contested first race.
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The most important négociant-éléveur of red and white wines in Burgundy, France. Currently run by the seventh Louis-Fabrice Latour, the company has remained family-run since its foundation in 1797 and has built a reputation for tradition and innovation. This Domaine owns the most important Grand Cru Burgundies in the region. Latour have a surprise in store for The Beaujolais Run® this year.
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John Partridge is a Staffordshire based brand with an exceptional reputation, based on their history of making and selling superior clothing products. John Partridge was founded in 1969 and expanded into making their famous range of waxed jackets and quilted waistcoats. Every Beaujolais Run® entrant will receive a bespoke item of outer clothing to be worn on the event worth at least £165.
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Taittinger is the only family owned Grand Marque left. The family are involved at every step of the champagne making process. Taittinger have been a Beaujolais Run® partner since inception, often showcasing unusual cuvée and vintages on the Beaujolais Run®. A 'Beaujolais Run® visit to Taittinger is never a standard tourist experience! Time with Taittinger is always time to savour.
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Founded in 1840, Maison Simmonet-Fevbre is nowadays directed by Jean-Phillipe Archambaud. Maison Simmonet-Fevbre owns vineyards in Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru “Mont de Milieu and Chablis Grand Cru “Les Preuses”. It produces and vinifies a large range of different wines form the diverse “terroirs” of the Chablis region. These wines are of the finest quality, and regularly score between 90 and 100 points in reviews and tastings.
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Screaming Eagle is a creative film production company. Let us help you bring your ideas to life. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients keep coming back for more. Success from above. We look forward to immortalising your trip this year with our cameras and even from the air with our drone!
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"Combining quality and heritage, with a modern twist" Their ethos is that high quality tailoring and a great wardrobe should not come with an extortionate price tag. Over 65 years of experience goes into every Rose and White suit, combining the World’s finest bespoke cloths, such as Holland and Sherry and Daniel Craig’s personal favourite, Escabel, with knowledge and craftsmanship to produce ultimate tailoring. Mention The Beaujolais Run® and you will receive a 5% discount, with HSF receiving a donation of 5%.
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The Review is an online lifestyle publication distributed to 103,000 subscribers. Looking at enjoying the best of life, wherever and whenever, it's always an exciting read. The Review will feature an exciting article and filmography of Beaujolais Run® in a future edition.
About Us
Please note that The Beaujolais Run® is a trademarked event in name, logo and event format. We are not an events company, we are reliant and grateful for the generosity of the press and our partners to ensure this great Anglo-French tradition continues and we raise significant monies for charity.
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The trademark is vigorously defended against replication or emulation, protected by the Intellectual Property Office. Due to its unique nature and fame, it is impossible to replicate the event without breaching our intellectual property. In all cases all damages recovered will be donated to our charitable causes.
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